4 Things to Do While Sheltering at Home

4 Things to Do While Sheltering at Home

The majority of Americans are abiding by some form of stay at home order.  Many have adjusted their day-to-day life with various family and work responsibilities.  Many of us, especially those in cities, are saving over an hour a day on our commutes, if not more, take that time to do these things with your returned time and truly be safer at home: 

1.)  Conduct a mini home security assessment.

Check all your locks on doors, windows, garage, etc.  Look carefully at that fence and gate that may not shut or secure right.  How does your yard look?  Do you have overgrowing shrubs, bushes, trees?  What else may you have known about for months or years but put off?  Well, it’s time to address them.  Take a walk around your home/apartment and property while taking detailed notes on all the things you can do to improve your defensive position.  Then get to it and make it happen.

2.)  Know your neighborhood and local area.

Did you recently move here?  Have you lived here for years and never really taken the time to learn your neighborhood and what or who is around you?  Use your so called smart phone and the map app to take a guided tour.  Not only will you get some exercise, you will gain better situational awareness and become more familiar with your terrain, and those around you.  

3.)  Keep your network at the ready.

While you may want to maintain that social distance goodness some keep preaching about…  You can still maintain your network with that amazing smart phone that allows us to make and receive phone calls, emails, text messages and we have other platforms like Skype and Zoom to keep connected to our network.  Keep those lines of communication open to ensure you are all spreading good information and dispelling rumors.  Resiliency is important, and you should be all about it.

4.)  Functional Fitness!

Train for life.  Train with a purpose, fitness of mind and body.  If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.  During these times it is tempting and easy to become complacent or even lazy.  Don’t just sit around all day eating while binge watching Netflix.  Utilize this time to run, hike, walk and if you happen to have a home gym or prison style garage gym, be sure you keep getting after it.  All it takes is all you got!  For you fitness gurus out there it only takes a few weeks to have a decrease in muscle mass.  Stay Strong, Swift & Durable.  Think Strength, Endurance, Mobility and Injury Prevention.

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By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

Travis N. – LinkedIn

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