6 Things I Learned at the Bellevue Gun Range

6 Things I Learned at the Bellevue Gun Range

Heading to the gun range presents a fair number of uncertainties for first timers, which can also make it an intimidating proposition. Thankfully, the reality of heading to the Bellevue gun range is much less daunting. In fact, we’d go as far as saying the gun range is downright enjoyable, and we’re going to fill you in on six major points most people learn when they visit for the first time to give you a better understanding of what the Bellevue gun range is all about. Read on, and prepare for a great time.

1) I Didn’t Need a License to Go to the Shooting Range

Here’s a detail that shocks a lot of first time range goers — you don’t require any kind of special licensing to visit the range, rent a firearm, and practice shooting. There’s an age requirement, of course (you have to be 18 to shoot rifles, and 21 to shoot pistols), and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the firearms and range safety rules, but that’s all stuff that the staff will help you get a grip on when you come to the range (and something we’ll cover in greater detail in just a moment).

Now, just because you don’t need a license doesn’t mean you won’t want to prepare before heading to the range. Prior to your visit, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with information on some important topics, like the Golden Rules of Gun Safety, what you can expect during your first trip to the shooting range, and the general gun laws of Washington State. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll feel during that very first visit.

2) I Didn’t Need Previous Training or Experience

In addition to not needing any special license to visit the shooting range, you don’t require any prior training or experience either. Bellevue Gun Club prides itself on getting new shooters up to speed and ensuring they have a great time.

It all starts with getting to know safe firearm handling practices and the ever-important tenets of gun range safety. First and foremost, new visitors to the gun range are encouraged to understand the principles of operating a firearm safely and staying secure while target shooting. The training that Bellevue Gun Club offers goes even further, though, if you’re interested, from simple classes on firearm basics to advanced lessons covering even more complex skills like home defense and concealed carry.

Regardless of what direction you want to take your training in, though, the point is that you don’t need to come to Bellevue Gun Club with any previous firearms knowledge to get started. This makes easing into shooting as a hobby something that’s easy to grasp if you’re a beginner, and should help you feel less intimidated if you’re contemplating heading to the gun range for the first time.

3) Gun Ranges Can Be Safe

Now, to be clear, there are risks at a gun range. For instance, firearms are hot and loud, which can put a strain on your eyes and ears. Not to mention, there are physical risks from potential unsafe handling of firearms, and even the possibility of toxicity from the high amounts of lead that come with multiple firearm discharges. Thankfully, though, risks can be mitigated, and when you head to the gun range you’ll learn that every precaution has been taken to make the experience as safe as possible.

Ample eye and ear protection are encouraged, to protect yourself from the potentially deleterious effects of shooting, and safety rules are emphasized to the fullest at Bellevue Gun Club to minimize the potential of harm from unsafe firearms handling. As for lead, ample ventilation helps slash the risks, but beyond that, individual actions like changing your clothes after shooting and using lead-free bullets and primers goes even further to negating that potential risk.

4) It’s a Lot of Fun

Here’s another surprise first timers at the gun range usually realize quickly — shooting at targets is an absolute thrill. That’s not just speculation or anecdote either, target shooting, for most people, releases the same chemicals in your brain that any other pleasurable activity does. The release of endorphins, serotonin, and adrenaline work in concert to provide a thrill comparable to driving fast around a racetrack, or taking on big drop on a roller coaster, and those feelings are further enhanced when you develop the skills to continuously hit your target exactly where you intended.

Target shooting is so fun, in fact, that for some, it develops into a hobby, like going to the gym or playing an instrument. You may soon find yourself coming back for more, wanting to learn more about the different firearm skills you can develop, the different kinds of guns you can shoot and how they vary, just like a fitness enthusiast may want to try out new exercises, or musician would want to test a different guitar.

5) There’s a Welcoming Community

While it’s true that visiting the gun range and shooting are things you can do alone, they are far from just solitary pursuits. The Bellevue Gun Club is a active community of likeminded firearms enthusiasts, and we’re quick to welcome newcomers into the fold. It’s all about making sure new shooters can receive the proper instruction safe gun handling, and do so where their budding interest in firearms can flourish unabated.

This sense of community is further illustrated in the range of training classes we provide on all facets of firearm interest, as well as the regular schedule of events that let you and other gun enthusiasts get together and participate in activities that will bring you closer together.

6) It’s a Great Way to Learn About Different Guns

Whether it’s pistols, rifles, or something a bit different that’s caught your fancy, you’ll find that the gun range is a great place to learn about different firearms and to test them out so that you feel more comfortable handling them. Under the watchful eye of peerless instructors, you’ll find that learning all there is to know about different guns is a joy unto itself, and something you’ll enjoy, regardless of your initial skill level.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a newcomer, there’s more to the gun range than might first meet your eye, so make sure to learn more about how exciting Bellevue Gun Club can really be, and schedule some time to come down and sign up for a few training classes to get yourself acclimated to wonderful world of target shooting.

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