Bellevue Gun Club Skills Target

Bellevue Gun Club Skills Target

Please come challenge yourself on our very own BGC skills target. Our target takes advantage of the fact that you are only able to shoot in one lane at a time and focuses on skills that are relevant to include breathing, grip, trigger press and body stance. This is also designed to help you focus on your front sight and understanding the impact ratio from front sight to target.

1.       The first line tests your ability to press the trigger without any pre-ignition movement of the gun. 

·         Trigger prep is a coping strategy for the flinches and this test focuses on trigger prep and sight alignment. Even if you thought the sights were on target when the gun went off this test will prove it.

2.       The second adds a test incorporating your draw and ability to prep the trigger. 

·         The hardest shot you will have to take is after major gun handling. The following drills will incorporate this.

3.       The third stacks a reload and your grip through multiple trigger presses and draws. 

·         Again, we are shooting after major gun handling and incorporating your ability to reacquire your sights and execute trigger prep and breaking the sear cleanly.

4.       Finally, we cool down with a 10-round slow fire at 15 yards to help you identify any deficiencies with trigger prep, pre-ignition movement of the gun and your wobble zone.

We encourage you to print these out at home and practice live and dry fire. 

From all of us here at BGC 

Prepare – Protect – Prevail

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