Long Gun Classes

The Bellevue Gun Club training team can design specialized training to meet the individual needs of our clients. There is no cookie cutter, unilateral approaches to training here. We train the individual that we are standing in front of. We work with our prospective clients to ensure that the solutions that we provide them are exactly what is needed. In doing so we save the client time and valuable resource. The time and resources that are saved can then be reallocated for future more advanced training or redirected towards the execution of actual real-world application.
The Bellevue Gun Club team delivers dynamic and effective training solutions that span the dimensions of protective services and organizational defense solutions, without compromising an exceptional level of customer service and pricing. We accomplish this by effectively doing what many of our competitors seldom do in the firearms and self-defense industry today; we access and incorporate the needs of the customer into our training methodology to establish a resolution.

Entry Level Pump Shotgun

Level 100

Build a firm foundation in the basics of safety, operation, maintenance, and patterning your pump-action shotgun.

Entry Level Carbine

Level 100

Establish a firm foundation in the use of the AR-15 rifle. This course is best suited to those unfamiliar with the handling and use of the most popular type of rifle in the United States. We will take you through everything; disassembly and reassembly, sighting in your rifle on the range, and much more. If you’re new to the AR, this is the place to start.

Carbine Fundamentals

Level 101

Develop solid gun handling and marksmanship skills with one of the greatest platforms available.

Intermediate Carbine

Level 102

Build strong foundational skills that will enhance your capabilities when using a rifle in a defensive situation.

Advanced Carbine

Level 103

Advanced Level Carbine has been designed to get students to think about complex movements while safely manipulating and firing their carbine.
In addition to movement and advanced barricade work this course dives into combative theory and breaks down what it takes to succeed while using a carbine.

Carbine-Handgun Transition

Level 102

This course is designed for experienced shooters. We will be transitioning from the rifle to handgun, fixing malfunctions with both weapon systems and recovering back to the rifle correctly. We will present different scenarios to cover moving and shooting, cover and concealment and more!.