Carbine Fundamentals, Level 101: Ascending the AR-15 Learning Curve

Carbine Fundamentals, Level 101: Ascending the AR-15 Learning Curve

So you’ve gotten that cool new AR-15, taken a basic class–perhaps even our own “Entry Level Carbine” course–and have a basic understanding of how your rifle works, the maintenance techniques to keep it operating at its best, and are dialed in as far as your sights or optics go.  Where to go now?  A great question, and one you’ll find some illuminating answers for at Bellevue Gun Club’s “Carbine Fundamentals/101” course.

Because the AR-15 is such a modular, customizable platform, it’s surprisingly easy to get lost in the weeds about setting one up; after all, there are so many options concerning what to buy.  How exactly does one best proceed here? Stocks, muzzle devices, optics, slings, rail systems, forend attachments, lights and more can be information overload to the new carbine student.   Due to this, the Carbine Fundamentals class delves deeply into the theory of the defensive carbine, and through that, the process of how best to intelligently set one up for practical use, including the pros and cons of popular setups and gear and accessory choices.  Drills that will help the student grow and progress beyond simple benchresting and zeroing are a big part of the coursework, and set a foundation for more advanced classes to come.  Understanding how to optimize trigger technique for both speed and accuracy is emphasized here, as well. 

Because Murphy’s Law applies in defensive shooting situations as with any situation in life, understanding how to efficiently reload a rifle under stress is an important part of the coursework.  Students will be introduced to the various types of reloads, and under what circumstances they are employed.  In both shooting and reloading exercises, each person can look forward to stepping out of class with drills to practice on their own time that will speed their progress towards comprehensive mastery of their rifle.  

That road to mastery will lead on to the significantly more challenging (and longer duration, at 8 hours) Intermediate Level Carbine course, where the AR-15 really begins to sing in the hands of the individual who has committed to learning it well. 


By:  Adam Keith. – RSO and Instructor at Bellevue Gun Club

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