Christian Sailer Area 6 Championship Victory

Christian Sailer Area 6 Championship Victory

I’m pleased to report that I won the 2021 USPSA Area 6 Championship in North Carolina on April 10-11.  I competed in and won the Limited Division with a 2011 style pistol chambered in 40 S&W.  My primary division is the Open Division, in which the guns are chambered in 9mm or 38SC and are outfitted with compensators and red dot optics.  I am the 2019 and 2020 current National Champion in Open Division and hope to win the National Title in Limited this year as well.

Over the past month I have been training strictly with iron sights, making the difficult transition back after several years of exclusively shooting with optics.  The 2021 World Championship in Thailand is roughly 8 months away, so a change of pace shooting Limited Division is a fun challenge for the next 2-3 months.  In 3 weeks, I will compete at the 2021 USPSA Low Cap Nationals in Talladega, AL for the L10 National Title. 

Bellevue Gun Club played an important role in my optics to irons transition.  I trained at BGC in the few weeks prior to Area 6.  In my first sessions I focused on single target engagements, primarily working on my stance, grip, trigger control, and sight alignment.  This first session was rough.  In my next sessions I continued to build on the fundamentals and focused on shooting at sights pace, no faster or slower, as well as shot calling.  About 2 weeks out from competition I exclusively trained on shooting arrays of targets and slowly worked in movement in-between arrays.  In my last few sessions, I just focused on executing at sights pace and it prepared me well for the competition. 

I look forward to continuing to train at BGC and working hard to reach my goals.  Train hard and train with a purpose! 

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