Christian Sailer – USPSA National Champion

Christian Sailer – USPSA National Champion

Hi BGC & WCA Family,

I wanted to take some time to talk about my journey from being a 13-year-old kid first shooting a gun, to becoming the youngest USPSA National Champion and member of the 2020 USA Men’s World Championship team headed to Thailand.

On one of my little league baseball teams, a teammate invited me over to his house to play with his dad’s guns.  Sounds like a pretty awful idea doesn’t it?  That’s when my dad thought it would be a good idea to take me to a gun safety course.  After the class I had a completely newfound respect for firearms and was eager to go back.  I continued to pester my dad to take me almost every weekend.  We first bought a Walther P22, then it’s bigger brother the PPQ shortly after.  By this time, I was completely hooked and spent any free chance I had learning from online videos and planning my next range trip.

Right around my 14th birthday I watched an online YouTube video of competition pistol shooting.  I saw men and women competing in various courses filled with targets, attempting to shoot them in the fastest time while maintaining good accuracy.  After convincing my mom that I would be safe maneuvering a course of fire with a loaded handgun, she took me to a Tuesday Night Pistol League match at Bellevue Gun Club.  I strolled in as a complete novice, but instantly felt welcomed by the other competitors and staff.  Some of the staff still remember my first trip there and have seen me grow every step of the way. 

After my first match I fell in love with the sport.  The people and community were amazingly supportive and love to compete.  I started to become a regular every Tuesday night at West Coast Armory and the staff began calling me by my first name.  I also started to train every Saturday night in Bay 3 with a group of friends.  This is when I first began to really hone my skills and grow as a shooter.  Every session at Bellevue Gun Club I grew as a shooter and trained with a purpose.  Overtime I began to climb the ranks of competitive shooting and gain national attention.  In 2018 I shot my first Nationals and placed 3rd, beating seasoned veterans and professional shooters; those paid to compete and train.  Over the next year I trained even harder and went to Bellevue Gun Club as much as I could with school and work.  This training and preparation paid off, as this year I won all 8 regional matches and the US Nationals in St. George, Utah, near Las Vegas.  I became the youngest to ever win Nationals and the first to win all the eight USPSA area matches and Nationals in a single season. 

I continue to train at Bellevue Gun Club.  The facility and staff are simply the best.  The staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to make your experience the best.  The range and pro shop have everything I need.  I’m very grateful to call Bellevue Gun Club my home range. 

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