Concealed Carry Primer: Demystifying the lawful handgun carrier’s responsibilities and considerations

Concealed Carry Primer: Demystifying the lawful handgun carrier’s responsibilities and considerations

Legally carrying a firearm concealed in public is a major responsibility.  While many Americans across the country have concealed pistol licenses, how many of those permit holders truly understand not only their gear choices, but how to best employ it in a possible defensive scenario, and the nuances of their state and local laws governing their use of such potential force?   These are the elements explored in our popular Concealed Carry Primer, an informational course designed to give a broad perspective on the sorts of things that should be of great interest to any person wanting to wisely incorporate a firearm into their personal safety routine in Washington.  

Laws are complex and often confusing, and a concealed pistol license is not a right without limits.  This class dives into many of the most relevant statutes and explores their nuances, so students can be aware of where and how they can–and cannot–carry their firearms.  Beyond that, choosing comfortable, accessible, and concealable gear for your selected defensive pistol is covered in great depth, and this is certainly a point many attendees are very curious about.  What are the pros and cons of outside the waistband vs inside the waistband carry?  If one doesn’t wear a belt, are there alternative methods, and which of these are best?  What about off-body carry–is it feasible or advisable?  If one has to use a public restroom, how do they go about it safely and discreetly while optimizing control over the all-important firearm?  Why is expanding ammunition, exemplified by the leading hollowpoint cartridges chosen by thousands of law enforcement agencies, also the optimal choice for personal protection?  These are but a few of the topics covered.  

Another aspect of concealed carry which many prospective permit holders haven’t considered, is the importance of situational awareness and combat mindset, without which a firearm–only a tool after all, not a talisman to ward of danger–becomes useless weight on the belt, or, perhaps something much worse: a dangerous liability to the carrier.   To ensure this isn’t the case, the class will delve into what kind of thought processes and rationales are optimal if one seeks to be a responsible and effective concealed carrier. 

Bellevue Gun Club also offers a ladies iteration of the class, which covers all the same materials, but is tailored specifically to the concealed carry challenges unique to women.  It should be noted that both versions of the Concealed Carry Primer are classroom-only, and don’t involve time on the range: other classes in the Bellevue Gun Club roster will give you that opportunity, and will be covered in a later blog.  


By Adam Keith, RSO/Instructor at Bellevue Gun Club

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