BLUF:  We need to be mentally and physically capable to handle our business, whatever that is.   

It all starts with your mindset.  We need to have the mindset to do what we need to do, along with the physical capability to carry it out, the skills to efficiently do it, and the equipment to support the task.  This requires a level of functional fitness.  This also requires training.  To become proficient, you must dedicate time and be committed.     

Now that you have your mindset, physical fitness, and training squared away, it’s time to supplement those areas with something we all love…gear/tools!  There is nothing wrong with having gear just because. I have my fair share. Although, when it comes to buying gear/tools that has a specific purpose (task oriented), we need to be deliberate in our decision-making process.  

Those selections should be based on our mindset, capabilities, and training. Be proficient in the use of the gear/tools you depend on and make sure it will work when you need it. Don’t take a short cut or compromise on something of critical value. How much is your life or a loved one’s life worth? 

What else does EDC mean to me?  Simply put it is getting the tools you need to make it through a life threaten situation that hopefully you can avoid or never encounter.    

It honestly does not mean as much as people think when it comes to the type of holster, gun, knife, flashlight, etc.  There is way too much emphasis put on that stuff.  Bottom-line is these are all tools.  You want the most reliable tools you can get your hands on.   It is not so much about the piece/tool.  It really doesn’t matter much if the gun is stippled, or has a red dot, or slide cuts, etc.  At the end of the day all that matters is if you are proficient with your tool(s).  It is not about how cool your EDC looks.  It is a tool and you the end user need to make the decision on what works for you and will carry and use every day.  What are you comfortable using, what fits your hand, what fits your body type, those are a few questions you may want to ask yourself and answer before spending a bunch of money on the latest and greatest flashlight, holster, sights, etc.  If you know how to use iron sights do you really need a red dot?  Stop worrying about what everyone else is carrying or how it looks.  Find what works for you and how to use the tool.  All of these EDC items are simply tools.  It is more about your mindset and knowing how to use your tool(s).  All the other BS is not that relevant when it is go time.  This is not a fashion show.  It is about mindset, functional fitness and being proficient with your tools.  The most important thing about EDC that most people are missing is mindset.  Bottom-line here is can you protect yourself and loved ones from people who/would try to harm or kill you?  Learn how to protect yourself from those that would do you harm and kill you.  Enough said.    

I personally think less is more when it comes to EDC.  For whatever it is worth I suggest being a minimalist.  Being a minimalist is also a mindset.  The more you carry the bigger signature you are.  It is not wise or functional to run around with a bunch of BS gear.  You simply cannot run around with a ton of shit without creating a signature.  And once you create a signature you have just made yourself a target and that could cost you your life.  Just know the more shit you carry the bigger signature you create which turns you into a big target to those that would do you harm.    

Hey there are a million and one tools out there.  Please remember it is not so much about the tool, as it is about the person.  You the end user must understand how to use the tool at a very high level.  Hey it is cool if you are a collector of tools.  Just know when it comes to EDC what matters is getting the tools you need to survive and prevail in a dangerous environment/situation.  When it comes to selection, think reliability and mastering how to use the tool to its fullest capabilities.   


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club 

Travis N. – LinkedIn 

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