Flashlights for EDC & Force Multiplier Methods

Flashlights for EDC & Force Multiplier Methods

A flashlight is a great everyday carry option, as a self-defense tool.   

Let’s look at some key features that demonstrate its purpose driven design. A tactical flashlight is a core piece of functional EDC kit. These are not your typical household flashlights.  

I recommend investing in a couple quality Surefire or Streamlight flashlights. These are made of high quality materials. Many are made with high-strength aerospace aluminum and are mil-spec hard anodized for extreme durability. The body and tail cap are made for a secure grip. Many have a two-way clip allows the light to be carried bezel up or down. Think of this much like your folding knife that can be carried tip up or tip down depending on the pocket clip. Most of these types of flashlights run on 123A lithium batteries. I recommend carrying extra batteries in your vehicle and go bag. There are different features on the tail cap switch. Fully press tail cap switch for high output, and slightly press tail cap switch for low. You can twist the body of the light for constant on mode. Some also have a strobe feature for signaling. These are highly versatile lights that serve as an EDC light, an improvised impact weapon or weapon light. These LED lights are virtually indestructible with a versatile beam with plenty of throw but optimized for situational awareness and perfect for an everyday carry light.

Here are some basic reasons to carry an EDC flashlight. 

·     The flashlight can be used as a less than lethal force tool. This could go a long way when traveling in a foreign country or in front of a judge.

·     An EDC flashlight gives a better grip and striking surface than a tactical pen. 

·     They are low profile and don’t bring much attention. This is my go to carry tool when in weapon free zones.

·     If you are comfortable using a blade or a pen, the angles and movements are much the same. 

·     It is easy and comfortable to carry in your pocket just as a folder is.

·     It serves the practical use as an illumination device.    

·     You don’t need years of training or be a combatives expert to use it. Simply train using natural body mechanics and movements. 

Keeping on the topic of training. Remember you can have all the high speed, low drag gear in the world and it will be useless if you don’t train regularly with it. Don’t be that guy, who walks around with a false sense of security. You have made the decision to step up and prepare to win the fight. Let me say it another way. Education & Training = Preparedness. Mindset is a critical part of your EDC. Think, ‘Mental EDC’.   

I want to get you thinking on ways you can employ your EDC light as a force multiplier. This is where I encourage you to think outside the box and get creative. Think of your EDC light as a Leatherman or Swiss army knife. An EDC light is capable of so much more than simply shining a light so you can find your keys to unlock the door to your house or car. 

Too many people think flashlights are only for use in dark environments or night operations. When in fact tactical/EDC flashlights can be utilized in various capacities in well-lit rooms or day light hours. This applies to engaging either a compliant individual or a threat/target that you need to address and control. 

First you need to be operating a flashlight with a range of 5-1,000 lumens. This allows you to use the light as a non-lethal weapon that will disorient or distract attention from a threat. It is likely to impair his attempt to observe, orient, decide and act (OODA) or to become proactive since any kind of sensory overload moves them towards a sympathetic state. For no light or low light there are several solid techniques that can significantly reduce the capabilities of the threat to either anticipate the moment of entry or to expose the threat/target location inside a room or area. 

 A flashlight is a value add for many reasons. 

  • Disorientation – It is a great tool that has no sound, and will not compromise you during day light.
  • Bate – Flashlights are the ultimate tool of deception & manipulation. Especially since in low light conditions the world looks like a framed picture without details, contrast or colors. Use the light to fill that picture, to manipulate for your own needs. 
  • No light or low light – A flashlight can confuse, trigger or indicate the specific location of a threat/target inside a room or specific area. 
  • Fixation – It can also draw the attention of the subject into the source of light, instead of to your teammate who is moving on the target and triangulating the threat.
  • Control – Significantly decreases the illuminated person’s reaction time.

During day light room clearing or CQB, you should use flashlights basically as a default/SOP depending on the situation as soon as you encounter a human presence in close proximity. A beam of 500 Lumens can save your life. It can also buy you more time, control and in some cases even concealment.

I hope I shed some light on the capabilities of your flashlight. (No pun intended.) A flashlight is a functional tool in both day and night hours. 

*Note – I suggest two lights. One weapon mounted and one hand held.


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

Travis N. – LinkedIn

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Photos Credit: Surefire

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