Greetings from the Bellevue Gun Club team.

Greetings from the Bellevue Gun Club team.


I hope this letter finds you and yours healthy and strong.

You are one of over 8,700 members I am personally thanking for your loyal business and continued support to the Bellevue Gun Club. We are refocusing our efforts to help defend our second amendment rights, the shooting sports, hunters, veterans, law enforcement, their families, the firearm industry and strengthen our local communities. 

I have been working shoulder to shoulder on the Bellevue Gun Club and the West Coast Armory with my veteran team since 2009. 

The purpose of this letter is to articulate Bellevue Gun Club’s mission and to ask that you please do three things.

Before we get to the three things, here’s our…

Vision & Mission Statement:

To create advancement for our Shooting Community Members in Knowledge and Capability.

Bellevue Gun Club is a community of law-abiding citizens, law enforcement officers, military veterans and industry professionals committed to preserving our right to bear arms and the shooting sports.

Bellevue Gun Club trusted team assist clients in refining their own training processes and bring creative solutions to difficult problems across a range of applications and operations.

Now, to the three things I ask you to do.

I am doing it in front of a wide audience.

But it is reassuring to know I have strong professionals across our community in the audience and that you will tell me what you think.

We continue to learn as we grow, build, network and execute as a BGC team/community.

The Bellevue Gun Club team is mapping out our way ahead for 2019.  We will be engaging with all in our community in a proactive manner as we leverage social media and our Bellevue Gun Club platforms to better address issues we all face across the firearm industry from new laws, training, suppressors, optics, ammo, gear, and lessons learned. 

It is my goal to place every lesson learned at your disposal in the future as part of Bellevue Gun Club’s pledge to help all within our member community to be successful. 

Now, what I respectfully ask that you do:

First, I humbly ask that you like and link to us on Facebook and LinkedIn, by going to Facebook – Bellevue Gun Club

I want to be proud of everything we do, and I trust and respect your judgment, so be critical of everything you receive. 

Tell me what you like, what you don’t like or how to improve anything. If you disagree with anything, engage us on it and articulate your own point of view.

This is all part of a marketing process and we are working hard to provide valuable expertise, resources and training services, so some of our services are fee-based.

If you believe you can benefit from the resources and services we provide, please do invest in Bellevue Gun Club services. 

We would be honored to earn your trust as a client.

Second, invest some time looking at our new website:

Look at as much of it as you can. We will be adding content regularly. I encourage you to click on the key tabs – (Home, Training, Range, Events, Calendar, Blog, Contact)

Ask others you know—fellow professionals, LEO, Mil veterans, friends, and family members, to do the same.

Let me know your thoughts and comments.  We value your feedback. 

Doing so will make it more likely our resources will get to our member community who need them.

Third, forward this letter and anything we send you to as wide an audience as you feel comfortable.

Many members do feel a sense of need for a community of like-minded men and women.

I also believe we can regain a sense of what it means to be American strong.

We have a full offering of valuable training resources and expertise in 2019 and moving forward. I look forward to making them available and improving them in any way possible for as many of our members and LE/Mil/Security professionals as possible. 

Also, feel free to forward our resources and information to others in your lives, too, for they stand to benefit from our Bellevue Gun Club community.

We have had some very positive feedback from law enforcement, veterans and business professionals since we started in 2009.

Please join me in this effort.  

Best Wishes,

Lance Kilgore
Owner, Bellevue Gun Club & West Coast Armory

Bellevue Gun Club – Training Cadre

BGC offers training to law-abiding civilians looking to increase their skills in offensive and defensive techniques to better protect themselves and their families. 

Look for a few changes to happen in 2019 for the Bellevue Gun Club, Training Division.  With that we have a few questions we would like to ask.

1. Please give us your top three biggest challenges you have with Shooting & Firearms Training, Concealed Carry, Situational Awareness, Combative Arts, etc.

2. We will continue to conduct classes for LEO, Mil, Civilian engagement, what questions or things would you like to see covered in these up coming classes?  We will use these suggestions to update or add skills and classes that you may have wanted but were not listed or scheduled.

  • Suppressor Course
  • Optics Course
  • Pump Shotgun Course 
  • Ladies Only Handgun Course
  • Stop the Bleed Course (Medical:  Self aid and buddy aid)
  • Defensive Tactics

Learn More

Simunition House

Check out the Bellevue Gun Club Shoot House – You can incorporate this course in your next group event, or schedule it for serious training for home or professional security protection.  

The Shoot House in our Trng. Lab is designed to provide a dynamic environment to test your skills avoiding, assessing, and acquiring a threat target while being able to communicate, shoot and move with agility. These drills help prepare you for the risk of a home invasion, an active shooter situation in public and more. While these drills are serious business, they are also a lot of fun and can be incorporated into your group or team building event. Contact us today to schedule yours. 

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