Holiday Gift Guide For Gun Owners

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Holiday Gift Guide For Gun Owners

Ready to do some Christmas shopping? If you (or someone you know) is making good use of their indoor shooting range membership, be they a hobbyist, professional shooter, or somewhere in between, the gift of new gear is always one that’s appreciated. The tricky part might come in narrowing down what gun-related gifts would be appropriate (and fit your budget), but we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to get you acquainted with a few prime gift selections for the 2019 holiday season that the gun owner in your life will surely treasure for years to come.

Reading Material

Firearms as a hobby is about more than simply shooting rounds at the range. There’s plenty to learn to improve your skills at shooting, stay current on the latest gun-related news, and stay abreast of new trends, gadgets, etc. that are taking the market by storm. That’s why reading material will surely make for a great gift for the gun owner on your Christmas list. Maybe they’re a hunter, in which case a subscription to any number of popular hunting magazines would be well-appreciated. Or perhaps that special someone on your Christmas shopping list is looking for some pointers on the many intricacies surrounding firearms and how to use them, in which case a good book might just be exactly what they’re after.

Ear Protection

Guns, as you may already know, are loud. That’s why it’s important to wear ear protection when you’re firing one. Perhaps the gun owner in your life could use some new earmuffs to protect their hearing while they’re down at the range? You could get them something as simple as a some sturdy muffs designed to muffle sound, but some other options can get rather advanced. There’s all manner of electronic hearing protection nowadays, which allows for natural hearing when there’s no background noise, while simultaneously protecting from large spikes in volume.

High-Visibility Shooting Targets

Shooting practice is vastly more enjoyable when you can see exactly what you’re aiming at and tell if you’re hitting the mark. With “regular” paper targets, this can be somewhat of a challenge, but the gun owner in your life will have a much easier go of it with high-visibility “splatter targets.” These two-tone targets make it easy to see where each bullet strikes the target, allowing you to immediately assess your aim and what you might need to do to correct it. You can hardly go wrong gifting these to a serious target shooter.

Steel Shooting Targets

If you’ve got a gun owner who likes to shoot rifles (or shoots a ton with their pistol), you might want to consider some high-quality steel targets for them to practice with. They might take a little bit more preparation, what with having to mount them on a stand, post, or other structure, but the payoff is usually well worth it for serious shooters. Steel targets provide a kind of instant, satisfying feedback (you can hear that distinctive “ping” as the bullet strikes the target) and, on top of that, are rather durable if you invest in one that’s worth its salt.


To make a gift like ammunition work, you’ll need to know a little something about what kinds of firearms the gun owner in your life is shooting with. It shouldn’t take too much research to figure out what calibers they’re using, though, and for you to pick up a few boxes to present to them as a gift. Alternatively, you can skip the detective work, and supply them with a generous gift card to a store where they can pick out all the ammo they’ll need for themselves.

A Range Bag

Carrying around everything you need for the shooting range requires a bag. If you’ve got a gun owner that visits the range frequently, why not help them stay organized with a quality bag that will let them store and arrange their guns, ammo, ear protection, safety glasses, etc. in one place? One of the best things about range bags as a gift (on top of their utility) is the fact that you’ll get to help your gun enthusiast express a bit of their personality, as range bags come in many visual styles and can even be decorated based on personal aesthetic choices.

A Firearms Training Class

For the gun owner who loves to learn about shooting, the gift of a few classes at the gun range will surely be appreciated. This sort of gift would be right up the alley of any novice shooter, but even for intermediate and more advanced shooters, there’s always something new to learn. By purchasing some classes at the gun range, you can ensure the gun owner in your life gets that high-quality, professional instruction that will leave them wanting to learn even more.

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