Instructors & Private Instruction

The Bellevue Gun Club team of instructors are highly skilled, qualified, and have the experience to take your shooting knowledge and skills to the next level.

Adam Keith

An industry professional since 2012 and a member of the West Coast Armory team since 2015, Adam brings a refreshing civilian-oriented perspective to firearms training and use, with a particular emphasis on handguns and their related gear.  As a dedicated concealed carry practitioner for more than 18 years, and having a lifelong passion for the shooting sports, he has had the opportunity to steadily hone skills and practical perspectives under a variety of qualified instructors, and offers a teaching style that is personable, patient, and cognizant of individual learning differences. 


In addition to being a certified member of the Bellevue Gun Club instruction and coaching staff, Adam is a full time NRA-qualified Range Safety Officer at Bellevue Gun Club.


Outside of the company, he is a classically trained musician on several instruments and enjoys the arts, philosophy, psychology, and film.


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Brett Bass

Brett Bass is the Safer Homes, Suicide Aware Program Coordinator.  He joins Forefront after years of volunteering on the Firearms Subcommittee of the Safer Homes task force.  Brett enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 2006, completing Military Police School in 2007 as the Honor Graduate of his class.  He reported to MWSS-473, Det. A in Fresno, CA shortly thereafter and was mobilized to active duty.  Upon moving to Washington, Brett transferred to H&S Co. 4th LSB out of Ft. Lewis.  He deployed to Latvia with his battalion in 2010, Kuwait (from 2011-2012) and Afghanistan (from 2012-2013) as an individual augment with MARCENT.


After returning to the United States, Brett began his career in the firearms industry after many years of civilian work in private security.  He currently holds Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, pistol instructor, and rifle instructor certifications from the National Rifle Association as well as CPR, AED, & basic first aid instructor certifications from the Health & Safety Institute.  Brett has trained under some of the world’s most respected defensive shooting instructors, including Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers, Daryl Holland, John Holschen, Zach Harrison, David Sanders, and Chuck Pressburg.  He has trained thousands of students in the safe, responsible, and effective use of firearms.


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Chris Kahrs

Bio coming soon.


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Colleen Morgan

Colleen Morgan, a northwest native, developed an interest in firearms at a young age. Colleen’s grandfather was an avid hunter in Georgia. After completing her hunter education certification at the age of 12, Colleen and her father would fly to Georgia each year to hunt on family land with her grandfather and cousins. This tradition continues today.


While in high school, Colleen was a member of the United State Marine Corps JROTC Rifle Team and won a variety of target shooting medals.  Colleen later attended Central Washington University earning a double major in Psychology and Law.


Today Colleen continues to hone her firearm skills and is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor and Range Safety Officer.


Colleen thoroughly enjoys instructing and sharing her expertise on the safe and practical use of firearms. She is known for being an approachable and compassionate instructor who spends whatever time necessary to explain the safe use of firearms. Colleen is passionate about teaching individuals who have never used a firearm and is very involved with spearheading and developing many of the women’s programs at Bellevue Gun Club.


Colleen is an adept problem solver who enjoys spending time with friends and family and has a passion for the outdoors, music, and yoga.


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Dan Eberle

Bio coming soon.


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Erik Schmidt

Erik Schmidt is a former US Marine and a veteran of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served as a Federal Narcotics Detection K9 Officer for three years before becoming a local policeman in the Seattle area from 1999 to 2007. While serving in his law enforcement capacity his specialties included:
Narcotic Detector Dog Handler, Police Mountain Bike, Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Submachine Gun, Patrol Rifle), Defensive Tactics Instructor, Undercover Narcotics Interdiction, Civil Disturbance Cadre (Deployed during the WTO, N30 and Mardi Gras 2001 riots)


Today, Erik operates in the both the public and private sector for the US Marshal Service, providing uniformed and plain clothes protection details for foreign and domestic dignitaries, entertainment figures, fortune 100 clientele and federal judges.


Erik provides firearms instruction, personal safety consulting, executive protection, weapons/tactics consulting for several video game projects; and teaches defensive tactics/ martial arts through his company Pathfinder Combatives.  Additionally, he assists with training events, High Value Asset Transport, special activities, and executive protection details internationally.


Currently a 5th degree black belt; Erik was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in October, 2017.


He has been trained and certified to operate as part of an Anti-Piracy Security team through the International Maritime Security Network for anti-piracy/ counter terror operations in East Africa. Holds a Maritime Captain License (OUPV/ Master 100 Ton) providing Anti Terror/ Force Protection for the US Navy aboard an armed civilian patrol boat.  And is also a certified tactical tracker through the Tactical Tracking Operations School. (Rural Law Enforcement Academy, 2014).


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Gary Drake

“Drake”, a US MARINE CORPS Veteran, currently works as an Executive Protection Agent, and contractor for Department of Defense and the US Marshal. He is the Lead Law Enforcement Instructor for Next Level Training (SIRT Pistols) and Primary Instructor for the nationally recognized defensive tactics training group ARRESTLING. Drake trains Law Enforcement officers, military personnel and protection teams. He started his law enforcement trainer career more than 30 years ago all the while building his own career in SWAT, as a Narcotics Detective and a K-9 handler.


Drake has been a Firearms instructor since 1988 and holds numerous certifications for many categories of firearms. He started Martial Arts at a young age and has trained in many styles. Drake was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2016 as Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year. He has been featured in law enforcement, martial arts and shooting magazines and is a nationally recognized trainer and speaker.


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Joe Bundy

Joe is a retired Police Officer with 32 years of experience in Law Enforcement.  During his time as a Police Officer Joe was a Tactical Team Leader in his departments Disorder Response Team, Firearms Instructor, specializing in Washington State’s Use of Force Continuum, Handgun and Rifle Tactics, Weapon manipulations and Marksmanship.  Joe is also a Taser Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor and Reality Based Scenario Instructor.  Mr. Bundy has Trained Elite Agencies such as the FBI, The US Military Branches, US Customs and The Central Intelligence Agency of Qatar (QIASS) on Firearms Handling, Less Lethal Tactics and Disorder Response. Mr. Bundy has recently acquired his State of Washington Private Investigator Firearms Instructor Certificate.


Joe is a skilled events and tactical coordinator due in part to his training in: Response to Civil Disorder, Advanced ICS Training and his experience in leadership roles while working as a Police Officer. Joe lives by the motto…Show up and pay attention. Mr. Bundy is trusted by several Fortune 500 companies with the responsibility of Executive and High Value Asset Protection. Despite Mr. Bundy having the ability to be a formidable presence, he also has the skills to diffuse tense situations with sincerity and a problem-solving attitude.


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Joe Whims

Bio coming soon


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Josh Sandoval

Joshua Sandoval is a United States Army Veteran, enlisting in 2014 as a Cavalry Scout, trained in reconnaissance operations, and small team tactics. He graduated OSUT training and Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia, later stationed at Joint Base Richardson-Elmendorf (JBER), in Anchorage, Alaska.


At JBER, Joshua was trained in arctic survival and mountaineering, airborne operations, drone reconnaissance and small team tactics. Throughout his tenure Joshua participated in two JRTC’S, over twenty fixed wing and rotary wing jumps in arctic climates, serving in both Kosovo and Afghanistan.


Outside of routine military training, Joshua underwent private tutelage from (RET.) SFC P. Kelly, setting the basis for Joshua’s philosophies on defense training as a discipline, martial art and athletic pursuit of perfection.


After managing the range for 3 years, Joshua is now our social media coordinator and following his true passion, working full time in the coffee industry. He likes to hike and backpack in his free time.


Josh is certified by the NRA as a Range Safety Officer, Rifle Instructor, and Pistol Instructor. Availability for private lessons is primarily provided Thursdays and Fridays.


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Julia Valencia

Julia Valencia, a northwest native, is an accomplished, well-respected law enforcement officer and trainer. She is a premier defensive tactics and combatives instructor who provides training at local police agencies, the police academy, even instructing security teams outside the USA.


Julia was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2016 for her instruction in tactical training and women’s self-defense. Julia is the only female primary instructor for the nationally known defensive tactics training group ARRESTLING.


In 2018 she earned the title of “Officer of the Year”. Julia is currently assigned as a collision investigator with her agency and is the first women motorcycle officer there. Julia has recently taken a position at Bellevue Gun Club helping citizens understand firearms and the legalities of handgun ownership.


Julia is passionate about personal safety, community service and family. She enjoys motorcycle riding, outdoor activities like trail running and sparring with anyone who is willing.


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Paul Terrenzio

Paul Terrenzio is a member of the instructor staff at Bellevue Gun Club. His career as a firearms instructor began as a summer camp counselor, and his passion for teaching the fundamentals of marksmanship continues to this day.  He brings nearly two decades of experience as a competitor and safety officer in the practical shooting sports to the role, as well as defensive firearms training from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and many nationally-recognized instructors.


Paul is an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, Pistol Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Washington. His teaching style draws from influences as wide-ranging as mythology professor Joseph Campbell, martial artist Bruce Lee, and the Urban Rifle doctrine of Clint & Heidi Smith.


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Sean Wise

Sean Wise is an accomplished training instructor with over 20 years in the industry. Sean’s first instructor assignment was during his military service where he was assigned as a military working dog team instructor. After a brief period in retail management, Sean was employed by the Department of Justice as a Correctional Officer. During this time he was selected as a member of the Special Operations Response Team with a collateral duty of firearms trainer.


Later, as a Federal Air Marshal, Sean was selected as a member of the Seattle Field Office’s training team. As a Federal Air Marshal trainer, Sean administered core curriculum training in order for FAM’s to maintain proficiency standards in firearms, mission tactics and first responder. In addition to maintaining core standards, Sean developed and taught customized training venues based on current threat intelligence, participated in headquarters training division working groups to review current methodologies and materials as to their relevance to current threat intelligence, maintained Seattle’s ASO program and conducted FFDO requalifications.


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Tyler Christian

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Tyler joined a local police department on the cusp of 9-11, fulfilling a lifelong dream of his. After graduating the police academy, Tyler became heavily involved in competitive shooting where he trained and competed weekly. He quickly learned that his academy training was not enough.  After a few years of competing, he won the Washington State IDPA Championship in 2004 and 2005 and took second place in 2006.

In 2005, Tyler joined his agency’s SWAT team and attended his first, of many, firearms instructor courses through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.  Over the course of the next 9 years on the Team he worked his way to being one of the primary firearms instructors.  Tyler has attended numerous firearms schools through both local and national organizations where he gained valuable experience and education.  In 2010 he was appointed as his agency’s Range Master and primary firearms instructor.  With a cadre of 9 other instructors Tyler has continually progressed the program to great success.

Leaning on his experience in law enforcement from: patrol to SWAT to undercover operations to competition and combatives, Tyler has gained a reputation for being a well-rounded instructor with real world experience.  Tyler has both worked for other private companies and run his own businesses where he has instructed all around Washington and various locations throughout the country.  He has taught several hundred classes over the years from brand new gun owners to SWAT team officers and Fortune 500 Executive Protection Agents.

Tyler’s passion for training and education is evident in every course he teaches.  He holds instructor certifications through numerous schools and in many disciplines.  He also instructs many of the Raider Tactical courses taught here at Bellevue Gun Club.  You won’t want to miss an opportunity to train with him.

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Zach He





Zach He is one of Bellevue Gun Club’s range managers, who studies, trains and teaches high performance concepts when applied to accuracy, precision and speed with a firearm. He has coached and co-instructed BGC courses over a two-year period, working closely with senior members of the L.E. and military communities outside of his own training conducted in the mountains of Washington State. Zach brings a trained civilians’ experience to the table, providing a relatable and knowledgeable curriculum to his students.


Being fluent in both Mandarin and English, Zach helps bridge a communicative gap that may otherwise exist or prove a barrier for some in our community. Zach’s primary focus, as a firearms instructor, is teaching new/newer shooters safety, entry level basics and fundamental concepts of shooting.


Outside of work, Zach is a local, semi-pro break-dancer, having toured and competed all over the world.


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