The Bellevue Gun Club team of instructors are highly skilled, qualified, and have the experience to take your shooting knowledge and skills to the next level.

Steve Krzyzanowski – Chief Instructor

Steve Krzyzanowski has recently retired from a 25-year career in Law Enforcement with the Department of Homeland Security, where he was the Senior Firearms Instructor for the DHS/ERO Division for the Northwest Region (AK, WA, OR). Steve was also the former Lead Firearms Trainer for the DHS/ERO Violent Criminal Apprehension Team and Fugitive Operations Team. He was also a former Self Defense Instructor for the DHS which included certification in Gracie Jiu Jitsu Combative’s for Law Enforcement. 

Prior to his 25 years in Law Enforcement, Steve served in the United States Marine Corps on the Quick Reaction Force covering the Middle East and Indian Gulf region. Prior to that Mr. Krzyzanowski served in the United States Army as an Infantry Reservist. Mr. Krzyzanowski is the CEO of Debno Tactical LLC, a Security and Firearms training company in Seattle, WA. He is also certified through the NRA as a Firearms Instructor.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration as well as many other professional and tactical certifications.

Brett Bass 

Brett Bass is the Safer Homes, Suicide Aware Program Coordinator.  He joins Forefront after years of volunteering on the Firearms Subcommittee of the Safer Homes task force.  Brett enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 2006, completing Military Police School in 2007 as the Honor Graduate of his class.  He reported to MWSS-473, Det. A in Fresno, CA shortly thereafter and was mobilized to active duty.  Upon moving to Washington, Brett transferred to H&S Co. 4th LSB out of Ft. Lewis.  He deployed to Latvia with his battalion in 2010, Kuwait (from 2011-2012) and Afghanistan (from 2012-2013) as an individual augment with MARCENT.

After returning to the United States, Brett began his career in the firearms industry after many years of civilian work in private security.  He currently holds Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, pistol instructor, and rifle instructor certifications from the National Rifle Association as well as CPR, AED, & basic first aid instructor certifications from the Health & Safety Institute.  Brett has trained under some of the world’s most respected defensive shooting instructors, including Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers, Daryl Holland, John Holschen, Zach Harrison, David Sanders, and Chuck Pressburg.  He has trained thousands of students in the safe, responsible, and effective use of firearms.

Gary Drake

“Drake”, a US MARINE CORPS Veteran, currently works as an Executive Protection Agent, and contractor for Department of Defense and the US Marshal. He is the Lead Law Enforcement Instructor for Next Level Training (SIRT Pistols) and Primary Instructor for the nationally recognized defensive tactics training group ARRESTLING. Drake trains Law Enforcement officers, military personnel and protection teams. He started his law enforcement trainer career more than 30 years ago all the while building his own career in SWAT, as a Narcotics Detective and a K-9 handler.

Drake has been a Firearms instructor since 1988 and holds numerous certifications for many categories of firearms. He started Martial Arts at a young age and has trained in many styles. Drake was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2016 as Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year. He has been featured in law enforcement, martial arts and shooting magazines and is a nationally recognized trainer and speaker.

Frank Stasiak

Currently a Deputy with the King County Sheriff’s Office – Employed for the last 27.5 yrs there. I spent 12 years in Plainclothes Street Crimes Units and the rest as a Patrol Deputy. Served in the US Army in 1983-1986.

Currently a firearms Instructor and have been since 1997. Certified Instructor thru WSCJTC in Level 1 and Level 2 Handgun, Patrol Rifle, Patrol Shotgun, Shotgun Breaching Instructor, ASAP Instructor, MACTAC Instructor, Taser X2 Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor. I have over 2,000 hours of training through both State and outside entities relating to firearms usage and tactics.

Paul Terrenzio

Paul Terrenzio is a member of the instructor staff at Bellevue Gun Club. His career as a firearms instructor began as a summer camp counselor, and his passion for teaching the fundamentals of marksmanship continues to this day.  He brings nearly two decades of experience as a competitor and safety officer in the practical shooting sports to the role, as well as defensive firearms training from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and many nationally-recognized instructors.

Paul is an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, Pistol Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Washington. His teaching style draws from influences as wide-ranging as mythology professor Joseph Campbell, martial artist Bruce Lee, and the Urban Rifle doctrine of Clint & Heidi Smith.

Josh Sandoval

Josh Sandoval is one of the Bellevue Gun Club Range Managers. He recently separated from the United States Army as a Team Leader. Josh enlisted in 2014 as an Airborne Light Cavalry Scout, specializing in reconnaissance operations and small team tactics. He has graduated OSUT training and Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia and was later stationed at Joint Base Richardson-Elmendorf (JBER). At JBER, Josh was trained in Arctic Survival, Airborne Operations, and Mounted/Dismounted maneuvers. Throughout his military career, Josh participated in two JRTC’S, over fifteen fixed wing and rotary jumps in arctic climates, also serving in Kosovo and Afghanistan. While deployed and in garrison, Josh led classes on marksmanship with the M9, M4, and .50 Cal machine gun platform.

Josh is certified by the NRA as a Range Safety Officer, Rifle Instructor, and Pistol Instructor.

Heather Crockett 

My home stomping ground is in Billings, Montana. In 2003 I made the decision to join the fight after 9/11 by joining the United States Marine Corps. My training consisted of mixed martial arts, and combat rifleman skills. My Military Occupational Specialty was Motor Transport where I drove 7-ton trucks and Humvees.

After the Marine Corps I chose to return to Billings, Montana to work as a Youth Care Specialist for violent juveniles in a minimum security housing facility. I enjoyed the job so much that I decided to increase my knowledge of emergency medical treatment by spending 2 years volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Laurel, Montana. I used my medical and military training experience to make my way into law enforcement. I spent 5 years as a Correctional Detention Officer at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility in Billings, MT. I completed training at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena, MT.

I moved to Washington state in the summer of 2018 and on Valentine’s day of 2019 I began my employment here at Bellevue Gun Club as a Range Safety Officer and instructor.

Outside of work I am a Big Game hunting enthusiast. I try to make it out to the Elkhorn Mountains in Montana every year with my family. My biggest love in life is a sport that I have been playing for the past 8 years. I became a Roller Derby RockStar with the Magic City Rollers in Montana in 2011 and I now play with Jet City  in Everett, WA.

Adam Keith

An industry professional since 2012 and a member of the West Coast Armory team since 2015, Adam brings a refreshing civilian-oriented perspective to firearms training and use, with a particular emphasis on handguns and their related gear.  As a dedicated concealed carry practitioner for more than 18 years, and having a lifelong passion for the shooting sports, he has had the opportunity to steadily hone skills and practical perspectives under a variety of qualified instructors, and offers a teaching style that is personable, patient, and cognizant of individual learning differences. 

In addition to being a certified member of the Bellevue Gun Club instruction and coaching staff, Adam is a full time NRA-qualified Range Safety Officer at Bellevue Gun Club.

Outside of the company, he is a classically trained musician on several instruments and enjoys the arts, philosophy, psychology, and film.

Julia Valencia

Julia Valencia, a northwest native, is an accomplished, well-respected law enforcement officer and trainer. She is a premier defensive tactics and combatives instructor who provides training at local police agencies, the police academy, even instructing security teams outside the USA.

Julia was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2016 for her instruction in tactical training and women’s self-defense. Julia is the only female primary instructor for the nationally known defensive tactics training group ARRESTLING.

In 2018 she earned the title of “Officer of the Year”. Julia is currently assigned as a collision investigator with her agency and is the first women motorcycle officer there. Julia has recently taken a position at Bellevue Gun Club helping citizens understand firearms and the legalities of handgun ownership.

Julia is passionate about personal safety, community service and family. She enjoys motorcycle riding, outdoor activities like trail running and sparring with anyone who is willing.

Travis N – Director of Operations

Travis has a combination of over 20 years experience within the DoD, CIA, Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community (IC). His experience crosses the spectrum of operational to analytical.

Travis’ military experience was primarily with the United States Marine Corps (USMC), Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Infantry (0311), Marine Corps Security Forces, and Special Operations Forces (SOF). He has served/operated in various countries on training assignments or conducting real-world operations.

Travis is well rounded with his Federal Law Enforcement training and his service in the CIA and Intelligence Community. He has served in each of the five directorates within the CIA (DA, DI, DO, DS&T, DCI) during his career. Most notably the Directorate of Operations (DO) where he served in CTC as a Special Skills Officer. While assigned to CTC he served on the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (AMZ) External Targeting Group and Detainee Ops Branch. He also worked on matters such as foreign fighter pipeline, foreign liaison services and IO campaigns. His time in the DS&T/OTS/SRU as a Technical Operations Officer focused on the following: Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Targeting, Raids, and Security Operations. He supported Station requirements and various programs and operations to include the following: Iran Group, Baghdad Station Technical Branch (BSTB), Information Operations Center (IOC), Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS), Special Tactics Unit (STU), and Special Activities Division (SAD), Ground Branch advisors.

Travis has provided Combative Arts training and other services for USG and NGO’s.