Keeping Lead at Bay: Bellevue Gun Club’s Commitment To Your Health

Keeping Lead at Bay: Bellevue Gun Club’s Commitment To Your Health

Health issues related to the intake of lead into the body is a matter of concern in many industries, and certainly within the firearms community, given the components that comprise the vast majority of ammunition: the projectiles themselves of lead or copper jacketed lead, and a primer with lead styphnate compound.  Not only is there a small cloud of aerosolized lead that is put forth every time such ammunition is discharged, but these particulates remain on surfaces after the fact, which can then end up on hands and skin, and later ingested.  We take the lead situation very seriously, and it’s the major reason we prohibit plain lead (non-jacketed/coated) projectiles at the range, as well as utilize the absolutely highest-level OSHA rated air filtration systems that flow fresh air into the range bay and push particulates away from the shooter on a constant basis.  This is refreshed every 90 seconds, as well, ensuring a constant supply of clean oxygen to breathe.   

I can say from personal experience, after having worked elsewhere in the firearms industry (not even in the range, but in fact an adjoining pro shop which was merely indirectly connected to that business’s indoor range) and moved over to working at Bellevue Gun Club, my own blood lead level dropped by more than eight points within the first year on board, and remains well within normal levels of a person with no regular exposure to firearms or any other industry associated with higher than average lead exposure.  The same can be said for many of my past and present colleagues, some of who’s blood lead level readings were nearly zero, even after years of regular work directly on the range as RSOs or Instructors: this is a testament to the effectiveness of the air filtration systems in place here, as well as our staff’s stringent weekly adherence to de-leading procedures in every area of the facility, including not just the all-important range bay surfaces, but many others as well, including tables, benches, and counter-tops in the lobby.  Combined with sensible protocols promoting and practicing hand washing after handling firearms, cartridges, and any related accessories, Bellevue Gun Club remains a truly healthy place to enjoy responsible firearms usage.   

All of this said, we remain open to new ideas and improvements which can further the health of our members, guests and staff.  That is a big part of our commitment to making Bellevue Gun Club the destination shooting and training facility on the west coast. 


By:  Adam Keith. – RSO and Instructor at Bellevue Gun Club

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