Be both decisive and capable of adapting on the go. This means you need to be technically, tactically, mentally and physically ready. 

When addressing/combating active shooters, coordinated attacks by gang members or terrorist you must accept the fact it may very well require lethal force to defeat such complex attacks. This requires real world training in tactics and thinking under stressful conditions. 

Developing the mindset to embrace the complexity of coordinated attacks. 

The importance of marksmanship and tactics utilized in close quarters combat in and around vehicles, violent encounters while dismounted/on foot, and fighting (communicating-shooting-moving) in all environments day or night.

+Low-light environments. 

  • Self-reliance
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • What are your resources?
  • What are the obstacles or threats?
  • How do you best navigate around or through them?
  • Be efficient and effective in all that you do
  • The importance of real world training & rehearsals
  • Lessons Learned


Adaptive Mindset

Be Aggressive! Fight to Win!


+ Close-quarter marksmanship in urban environments

  • Always be working to better your position. Be moving/working to get to a superior weapon and superior position to end the fight or egress from the area.

*NO, you do not have to shoot from the position you find yourself in. That’s nonsense. Always improve your fighting position. Develop the situation into your favor. 



+ Vehicle ballistics

  • Car doors are not cover
  • “P” is for plenty. Think punches in bunches and same for bullets. 
  • Bullets don’t come in ones and twos they come in by the magazine. 



+ Fundamental tactical concepts (individual/team)

  • Think family – wife, children, etc.
  • It’s not always about how fast you can move or how good you can fight or shoot. But more importantly might be how fast can you move with your spouse or child… 



+ Individual and team movement techniques

  • Think how this applies to you when you’re with your spouse, daughter, son or friend.



+ Team communication

  • Communication is paramount
  • Communicate-Shoot-Move



+ Down vehicle counter-ambush techniques 

  • Get off the “X”
  • Contact front, left, right, etc.
  • How to shoot-move-communicate from your vehicle



+ Shooting from/around vehicles

  • Shooting positions (handgun and long-gun)
  • Contact from the front, right, left, etc.
  • From inside and outside the vehicle
  • Driver side, passenger side, and backseat
  • Seatbelts on or off
  • Shooting through windshields and side windows
  • Cover and concealment



+ Low-Light Environments – Shooting

  • From vehicle use high beams
  • Use of Surefire lights/tactical lights (weapon mounted & handheld)



“Think like a man of action – act like a man of thought.”



By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

Travis N. – LinkedIn

If you, your family or organization is interested in private or group training please contact us.

A gun is good. A knife is good. A stick is better than nothing at all, and your hands, arms, legs and muscles are to be relied on when nothing else can be. But, without your brain, without thinking and without cognizant awareness you are little more than an animal fighting for survival in a dangerous situation.

Jeff Cooper, USMC



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