Here at Bellevue Gun Club, our mission is to develop efficient, confident, skilled, thinking shooters through individualized and group training.  Our goal is to educate, train and prepare you to protect and prevail in the worst-case scenario. 

Unfortunately, we have seen how chaotic and dangerous areas of the Country have become during the pandemic, as well as violent protests that are politically charged. We hope for a safe and peaceful election and encourage all to get out and express your right to vote.  However, you are smart to be prepared for any violence or emergency situation that may come. 

Remember these wise words from, Matt Graham of Graham Combat.

  1. NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.  Whether an event lasts a few seconds, a few hours, or even a few days – you have to work as though nobody is coming to save you.
  2. You are your savior, so start working because EVERYTHING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  You are your security, you are your medic, you are your rescuer.
  3. You are your own best resource to SAVE WHO NEEDS TO BE SAVED.  Nobody wants to save your life more than you, so set yourself up for success by having the simple tools and knowledge to do so: do what you can with what you have.  Recognize that nobody is in a better position to start saving your life than you.
  4. Sometimes saving lives means you have to KILL WHO NEEDS TO BE KILLED.  It has been over 15 ears since I first wrote “the more effective you are at taking a life, the more successful you’ll be at saving one” and nothing in the intervening time has changed my mind.  Be swift, be decisive, be final.
  5. ALWAYS BE WORKING.  There is always something you can be doing to improve your position.  Always.  Because nobody is coming to save you.

Remember – By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

Many of you have go bags, but how many of you have a bug out plan? 

A Bug Out Plan contains the steps you take to EGRESS from a certain situation deemed dangerous and the process to get you to a better situation. Important factors to consider when creating your Bug Out Plan are key factors which initiate action, reconnaissance, safe route selection, as well as the gear and supplies you need to maintain self-reliance. It is also important to share your plan with family and friends, as well as giving them situation and position updates to increase transparency.

Here is a list of supplies you may consider adding to your Bug Out Plan to increase your level of readiness (The Red Cross mentions having at-least 72hrs of supplies for evacuation and two-weeks supply for home use. The length-of-time to a safe destination should also be considered):

  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel in your vehicle(s), as well as full auxiliary fuel cans.
  • Water Supply and/or a Survival Drinking Straw
  • A Food Supply with Perishable Food Items and a Can Opener.
  • Cold Weather Gear as well as an Emergency Blanket.
  • A Tool Set or Multi Tool for Maintenance
  • At Least Two-Weeks Supply of Your Medications
  • Flashlights/Head Lamp/Chem-Sticks/Lanterns/Fire Starting Kit
  • Extra Batteries for All Needed Battery-Operated Gear
  • Battery Operated AM/FM Radio
  • Two-Way Talk Radios
  • Blankets/Sleeping Bag/Shelter Kit and/or Tent
  • Important Family Documents
  • Extra Cash
  • Hygiene Items (Example: Baby Wipes)/Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Covering/Medical Masks
  • Maps of Your Area and Route with a Compass and Protractor
  • Survival and Medical Kits

We hope this information helps in the overall planning of your preparedness for a worst-case scenario. You can also add items relevant to your Bug Out Plan, as well as your readiness if staying in place. Again, we hope for a peaceful election, stay vigilant, stay prepared and stay safe.


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club 

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