Mindset = The Will To Fight

Mindset = The Will To Fight

As I continue my crusade on faux tactical shit that so many GI JOE types would have us believe, self-defense is not an all or nothing concept. The idea that you have to train daily, adhere to some strict doctrine (that is likely still living in the past), carry only certain firearms, ammo, gear and support your carry (EDC) with multiple extra mags, pepper spray, a impact tool and a knife sharp enough to shave sasquatch is ridiculous and bordering on paranoia.

The industry is saturated with online experts and so-called professionals, that pitch nonsense about if you don’t do all of the above you’re failing yourself and need to hire them or some high-speed low drag PSD team, because you are inept. Or better yet, you can take their 1-day or 1-week shooting course and be just like them. This will likely include 5.11 pants, Velcro everything, sunglasses and some retarded faux tactical t-shirt. Please do not waste your money on the GI JOE starter kit for tactical clowns. Don’t be that guy.

Bottom-line is that self-defense or self-offense is more about mindset than it is about gear. Let’s not confuse enthusiasm for capability. In a life or death situation your will to fight, and never quit mindset will mean far more that all the equipment you can carry or how cool your kit looks. Additionally, your situational awareness (SA) and being vigilant while holding fast to the OODA loop will prove more valuable to your survival and ability to win the fight. 

Your mindset is the only all or nothing part of personal protection. For those with religious faith, the analogy is relevant; you must BELIEVE. It doesn’t matter how often you attend church or that you read the bible daily. You must truly believe. The same goes with your self-defense/self-offense mindset. You must believe that you will fight till the end, as hard and as long as it takes to not simply survive but win. Remember; do not fight unless you have to. But when you are in; go hard! Whatever you have to do just find an excuse to win. Remember; hope is not a good plan. No one is coming to save you. You are your own first responder. Prepare to win the fight.

Please do not let your feeling of safety be lessened by those who say the .38 revolver you carry as part of your EDC is not sufficient to save you. Do not think you have to kit out like a SOF operator to go to the grocery store. With the right mindset and a minimalist approach to your gear you can prevail. Learn to use what you will consistently carry on a day-to-day basis. Develop the mindset that you will fight to your last breath. Commit right here and now that you will confront a threat with all the will, strength, speed and violence of action that you can bring to bear. Most of all, don’t live in condition white, with the assumption that the world around you is nothing but unicorns and rainbows. Trust me when I say evil does exist and does not share the same value system that you do. 

All the details of self-defense/self-offense and surviving/winning a violent confrontation can be broken down to the point your head will be spinning. It is good to assess and study. It certainly has its place and it’s good to get people thinking. However the truth is that the effective employment of a defensive handgun in a life-threatening situation is really a very simple task grounded in common sense. 

BLUF, if you can afford a solid training course and can dedicate at least one or two weeks to that course, with intense focus/dedication you should leave that course with a solid foundation. The key is to pick the right instructor, so in that week you can learn to carry, draw/present your handgun, effectively engage targets from 0 – 25 yards, and develop the skills necessary to manipulate your handgun and keep it in the fight. Get good repetitions. Build muscle memory. Master the fundamentals. Train-Train-Train. Remember shooting is a perishable skill.    

Be dedicated and continue to train at least one or two days a month and send 1,000-2,000 rounds a year downrange during your training in order to maintain this perishable skill set. The truth of the matter is most people cannot or do not meet this basic standard due to a lack of commitment, lack of time and or lack of money. Please do yourself a favor; forget all the secret squirrel and ninja trash, instead focus on developing your mindset, functional fitness and master the basics. 


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

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