One Of The Most Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself

One Of The Most Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself

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Walking through the dark streets of Seattle at night, hitting the hiking trails with your dog, or simply returning to your car after a full day’s work.  Each of these day-to-day, generally placid scenarios–and countless others—-have the potential to become a situation where you may need to defend yourself.

Two questions immediately come to mind: Can I escape? If not, can I properly defend myself? Unfortunately, not everyone is in this cognizant frame of mind when going about their daily tasks.  We have grown away from the dangers in nature and have become accustomed to the comforts that modern civilization has to offer. In many ways this has made our day to day activities seem safe, but it has not eliminated random danger completely; human nature, and that includes the predatory element, has remained the same since the dawn of humankind.  Picture this. You are walking through a dimly lit parking garage and you stumble upon someone standing near your car. You don’t recognize them and they appear to have a knife in their hand. This person sees that you are alone and quickly approaches you…

In this moment your body begins to react with a series of natural defense mechanisms: That gut feeling kicks in, telling you something is wrong and you need to act. Your pulse quickens and each breath seems short and panicked. Your pupils dilate and your muscles tense. Your Gross Motor Skillstake over, causing your ability to make precise movements diminish. You’re frantically looking for the exit routes and wondering what could be used in self defense against this attacker, if it comes to that.  Do you have anything to defend yourself with? If you have a concealed firearm, are you able to get to it in time?  This scenario can have endless different outcomes. How prepared are you?  


By: Heather Crockett, Range Manager and Firearms Instructor

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