Prepare to Win the Fight

Prepare to Win the Fight

BLUF: Everyone wants to be a lion, until it’s time to do lion shit. And if you want to be a lion, you must train with lions.

People keep asking how to prepare to win the fight. Alright so times change but the fundamentals that make someone a warrior/protector really don’t change. I’ve covered down on this front in previous pieces that I encourage our BGC members/readers and community to seek out and revisit.

I’m going to keep this short and simple, (KISS). There are two main areas to dive deeper into and they go hand in hand. It’s about being both physically strong and mental/emotional strong.

First let’s touch on the physical training part of preparing to win the fight. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN! Over time you will learn how to train smarter and harder. One piece of advice is to listen to your body and train for the specific mission/AO/fight. Don’t get caught up in fade exercises. Exercises may change their names however; the movements and activities are what they are for the human body. Feel free to get creative just ensure you are training for functional strength and capabilities that translate to the battlefield of life. You should be training your mind and body every single day. There are no true days off. Even your down time to rest your body and or mind are strategic to your overall training that will continue till the day you die. Remember we should all be learning and becoming better versions of ourselves each and every day. 

Let me lay it down in simple chapter and verse of how a typical day can be for today’s warrior/operator/protector.

·      You get up before the sun gets up. 

·      Eat! Eat to fuel your body. 

Read up and learn about nutrient, protein, carbs, fats, calories, etc.

·      Do something that elevates your heart rate. (Cardio)

Keep it functional. Think sprints with a weighted pack/rucksack.

·      Get your range time in / trigger time. 

Shooting is a perishable skill. Master the fundamentals.


·      Hit the weight room like a BOSS!

Train/lift for functional strength

·      Do combative arts training / hand-to-hand combat

·      Eat! Feed the machine!

·      Send more rounds downrange.

·      Get back in the weight room and lift heavy. If you can’t pick up your buddy with his full kit and sprint 50meters to cover you’re behind the eight ball and need to close this gap in your training quick, fast and in a hurry. Remember you’re not just training for yourself; you are training for the guy to your left and right and your family. 

·      Dinner time. Eat like a Viking Warrior! Steak/red meat and beer!

·      Self-improvement and self-reflection. (Study, Assess, Analysis)

·      Sleep. Your body needs rest to heal and become stronger.

The bottom-line here is you got to want it and put in the work. There are no shortcuts here.

Now for the mental/emotional part which is the most important of all. Some may also call this having “heart”. To quote ADM McRaven, “If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.” You have to have that fire burning deep inside you. The 3D’s Drive-Desire-Determination. The true warrior/protector is a quite professional. He sacrifices his body, his youth and his mental health and doesn’t seek recognition or medals. He commits himself to his skillset, tradecraft and dedicates his life to a cause greater than himself and few will ever truly understand. As a Marine Infantry NCO I’ve humped till my feet were blistered and bloody in the hope that my family and most of all my daughters will never experience the evil of war here at home. The warrior/protector voluntaries to deploy to austere environments and put himself in harm’s way so those that those he loves, and his country may remain safe and live free. I recall volunteering while with the Agency to deploy to Iraq over the holidays so that others may enjoy their family and friends here at home during Christmas and New Year’s. The warrior/protector is capable and confident in making decisions with his next breath whereas others would take weeks or months to make such a command decision. The warrior/protector knows his victories will not be celebrated in a stadium or make front page news. This man will continue to carry his pack and shoulder more throughout his life and do so without ceremony or applause. This is the heart and soul of the warrior/protector. This is yet another reason why we are the land of the free and the home of the brave!

“We few. We happy few. We band of brothers, for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.” -William Shakespeare


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

Travis N. – LinkedIn

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