Bellevue Gun Club is a community of law-abiding citizens, law enforcement officers, military veterans and business professionals committed to preserving our right to bear arms and the shooting sports.

Bellevue Gun Club Range is Washington’s premier indoor shooting range. At 31,000 square feet, our exclusive club is one of the largest indoor gun ranges in the Seattle area.  It currently stands as one of the nation’s top NSSF Five-Star rated shooting ranges. Our state-of-the-art facility is based on Law Enforcement and Military standards, and available to the general public through a simple membership.

Safety is the primary objective at Bellevue Gun Club. The range offers Action Target rifle grade shooting stalls, NRA certified Range Safety Officers, and an EPA – OSHA – NIOSH certified air system to keep the air uncontaminated and as lead free as possible. We have a welcoming environment for both the serious, well trained shooter, as well as the novice firearm enthusiast that wants to learn how to safely handle firearms.

For your convenience the West Coast Armory Pro Shop is located at the entrance of the facility offering great prices on ammo, accessories, and other needed items for the range.

Simunition House

The Shoot House in our Training Lab/classroom is designed to provide a dynamic environment to test your skills avoiding, assessing, and acquiring a threat target while being able to communicate, shoot and move with agility. These drills help prepare you for the risk of a home invasion, an active shooter situation in public and more. While these drills are serious business, they are also a lot of fun and can be incorporated into your group or team building event.

Contact us today to schedule yours: (425) 641-2877 ext. 5

Defensive Tactics Mat Room

The Defensive Tactics room is equipped with mats, bags, and defensive training equipment

The Defensive Tactics room is ideal for dynamic simulation training