Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Wow!  What a year 2020 has been.  The world’s ending!  No, it is not!  It looks like Venezuela…  There is a lot of media hype and disinformation out there…  Trust, but verify.  This all just proves common sense is not common. 

Let us stop the madness for a moment and give this some thought.  The fault lies with a virus and how Governments and people respond to it.  Dare I say very few people or Governments understand this virus well enough to give us a reasonable prediction?  The majority of the world’s top epidemiologist and virologist are studying COVID-19 around the clock to stop it’s spread and find a cure.  So, what the heck is causing bare shelves in America?  Why can’t we find toilet paper of all things?  Simply put, people are panicking.  This is not panic at the disco or time to panic at Costco.  Stay calm.  Stay frosty.  And do not, for Heaven’s sake add to this panic. 

Panicking is a non-starter.  If you have been working on your own internal resilience, let alone your physical resilience, you are probably not panicking like many of those who have not been working on their resiliency.  If you want to get a good measure of your physical resilience, redline your cardio for 5-minutes.  Then see how long it takes to get to a moderate exercise and normal heart rate.  Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are READY?  

Or challenge yourself to go to Wal-Mart or local grocery story, and not develop a sudden, heavy perspiration experienced when confronted with all the anxiety and fear.  Tell “Karen”, you know that person perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary.  No, Karen you do not need to buy out all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

BLUF:  This is not the time to add to the panic or fear.  Panic is contagious, but so is laughter.  So is kindness.  So, let us all do our part.  You already know this deep inside your animal and caveman brain. 

If you are reading this, you’re likely interested in how you can avoid panic, or why.  I’m not going to get into why hordes of people are descending on Trader Joe’s or Costco here in the greater Seattle area or across the US like packs of coyotes preying on unprotected or wounded sheep. 

If you live in an apartment or even a house in the city, odds are you don’t have the square footage to stockpile months or years’ worth of food and supplies.  I’m not Martha Stewart so don’t ask me how to best utilize every cubic inch in your apartment.  I’d simply tell you to move to the country and live in a yurt.  Less is more.  I’d like nothing more than to recommend that most of us escape the urban jungle and big city life and move to smaller towns.  I would like to see more people take up hunting, ranching, farming, and gardening for their nutrition and food security but that is unrealistic and not pragmatic in any way, shape or form.  I would love to pontificate on the literal toxicity of big cities but that is not what I’m here for.

So, here’s your COVID-19 scenario.  You’re the one person on your block with your head screwed on even remotely straight, and you need to plus up your food and supplies.  How do you do it?  Task organizing.  In the military, there is an acronym called Mission Essential Task List (METL).  Short version.  What do you need to accomplish your mission?  

What is your mission?  Do you even know?  It’s not simply to survive.  We aren’t under some zombie apocalypse or full quarantine from the walking dead.  Your mission is, simply to maintain your comfort as much as possible while altering your lifestyle until this storm passes.  Remember to think for yourself.  Group think is dangerous and will be the end of us. 

Generally speaking, that’s the goal of almost every conceivable, probable disaster.  Now, in the case of a major natural disaster where entire neighborhoods and cities are destroyed, that’s an entirely different aspect.

 As for now, if you must go grocery shopping, go. Know what you need and what you’re looking for.  Plan accordingly.  Be calm and channel your inner serenity.  Other people will feed off it.  If you want to, have friends over for dinner, it builds your community and thus your resilience.  Be prepared.  Be resilient.

How resilient are you?  Do you bend or do you break?

We will overcome. 


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

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