People have asked why the blade and why all the time. The bottom-line is it comes down to culture, mindset and methods. The blade is a tool that teaches all of these things.

Some say we live in a gun culture and I agree with that to an extent. However the knife is one of man’s first tools. Before the blade we were the hunted and not the hunter. However we live in the 21st century and not caveman times. So why not guns, all the time? Here’s some history to help explain why. After blunt objects, such as clubs and stones, the blade is the fundamental weapon that allowed mankind, along with our intelligence, to not just survive, but more importantly thrive as hunters. It was the blade that started our move to the top of the food chain. It comes down to survival of the fittest. 

Yes the gun is a higher evolution to weapon technology. But that higher order technology makes a gun less accessible than a blade. A “blade” is anything that punctures, cuts or separates. A blade can be made from almost anything. Therefore, it is something that can, and should, always be with us. 

Carry a knife to save a life. 

Let’s touch on mindset and readiness. Why not always be ready? Being ready does seem to cover down across the board to include knives. Ask yourself, what is readiness? What are you ready for? Are you read for a fistfight with a drunk guy? Or are you ready for a fight for your life against three armed thugs that kick in your door? Or do you even realize you, yourself, are causing the events that are leading up to your company going out of business and your career ruined? Were you ready for that?

This is where I say the blade is the cultural physical cornerstone of weapons; it is also the symbolic psychological cornerstone for mindset and readiness. Stay sharp.   

The blade teaches us that life is not a fistfight. It is a fight to the death. It teaches us that our actions have consequences and that winning is really the only option. 

Whatever you have to do, just find an excuse to win.

As for methods – Why not all training, all the time? Ask yourself, what are you training for? What are you trying to accomplish?

If the blade was the fundamental weapon, it was also the fundamental tool that allowed us to do things faster, to become more productive. It allowed us to make different tools, specific to different jobs. It freed our minds to discover a better future.

Inspire. Explore. Discover.

Be More. Do More.


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

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