The Home Defense Carbine

The Home Defense Carbine

BLUF:  You don’t need to be a tactical junkie, military guy or dooms day prepper to own a carbine or SBR.

The fact is there are many/many benefits to owning a carbine, SBR or AR-pistol as your primary home defense firearm.  If you’ve taken our Armed Home Defense class, you are familiar with having a safe room in your home to use as a stronghold for your family in case of a home invasion or other emergencies.  Inside your safe room is typically items you’d carry in a go-bag such as a flashlight (Surefire), a medical kit/IFAK (tourniquet), and we recommend a carbine such as a SBR or AR-pistol to protect/defend your family from those that wish you harm.  The old school thought on home defense firearms has been a pump shotgun or a compact handgun.  This is where training and education comes in.  Once you step back, assess and study you will find that a carbine or SBR is the sounder choice in defending your home and family. 

I’m not knocking pump-shotguns at all.  The shotgun is a solid tool that serves serval purposes.  In fact, I have an old Mossberg 590 with a bayonet stud on it just like the ones we carried in the US Marine Corps many/many years ago.  I know a few people are thinking, bayonet stud!  Hey don’t judge!  There’s a time and a place to fix bayonets!  Now there’s no question that 00 buck, slug and even #4 birdshot shells have stopping power.  However, shotguns have their limitations when it comes to home defense.  A few drawbacks are the limited ammo capacity and the reload time of a pump-shotgun compared to a carbine/SBR using 5.56 or .300 Blackout.  Not to say you can’t train to run your boomstick/shotgun fast and furious, it just takes dedicated training time to get to that level.  For many training time is limited and most people tend to spend that time running their handguns and focus on concealed carry.  Not to mention most people need two hands to operate their shotgun effectively.  There’s a clear benefit to having a firearm you can work/run if one hand/arm is injured or you’re using your free hand.

An often-overlooked aspect of all this is noise.  A firearm being shot inside a bedroom is loud.  It can be loud enough to cause hearing damage to yourself and family members.  Now most shooters have ear protection however, throwing ear pro on during a home invasion is not going to happen.  Your focus is going to be on the immediate threat and ensuring your family’s safety.  Seconds count and you can’t afford to allow anything to slow you down.  Think of the acronym PACE.  Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency.  Remember a failure to plan, is a plan to fail.  Prepare – Protect – Prevail

If you step back and look at the carbine and SBR you see the difference in size and weight.  Since SBR’s require an NFA tax stamp you may want to consider the AR-pistol.  The AR-pistol is a solid option for home defense and if you add a suppressor you address the noise concern.  Although you need an NFA tax stamp for the suppressor.  Next is deciding if you want to shoot 5.56 or .300 Blackout.  If I had to pick from either a pump-shotgun or an AR-pistol suppressed that shoots .300 Blackout; I’m going with the AR-pistol in .300 Blackout every time.  The pros are the overall smaller size of the gun, weight, 30 round mag capacity, ammo type, firepower, easier to handle inside a house, room, hallway, stairwell, etc.  Plus, you can shoot it with one hand.  In addition to that you can add a weapon mounted light and an optic such as the Aimpoint T-2 to increase its capabilities as your go to home defense firearm.

With all that said at the end of this assessment process you can’t go wrong with an SBR or AR-pistol in your safe room, ready to defend your family if needed.  Problem meet solution. 

If you have any questions about carbines, SBR’s, AR-pistols, carbine training or Armed Home Defense please contact us.  We run carbine courses, home defense courses and offer private training to individuals, families and businesses.


By:  Travis N. – Director of Operations at Bellevue Gun Club

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If you, your family or organization is interested in private or group training please contact us.

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