Why Bellevue Gun Club? The Advantages of Joining Our Family

Why Bellevue Gun Club? The Advantages of Joining Our Family

So you’ve made a decision to start the fun and rewarding process of mastering shooting, and need a range to develop and keep those skills sharp. Where should you go? While there are many ranges in the area, consider the significant advantages that a top-rated membership-based facility like Bellevue Gun Club can provide you, and your friends and family.

Bellevue Gun Club is a one-stop destination that is safe, clean, fun, and dedicated to your development.  We’re one of a small handful of National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) 5-star ranges, the highest level that the NSSF awards, this being based upon a number of factors a range must meet on an annual basis to qualify.  (Quote from the NSSF website: “To meet NSSF’s criteria of a Five Star facility, a range must demonstrate excellence in all aspects of management and operations. Ranges are rated on appearance, management, customer service, amenities, customer development and community relations.”)

Before exploring things further, we should take a moment to counter the idea that a membership-based club is somehow “snooty” or less welcome to new shooters.  Quite the contrary, in fact!  By creating a family-type feel, members and staff can connect better, and everyone benefits in having a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable place to shoot–largely because each member and their guests have a small stake in how nice a place their range is to shoot in.  Nor should the membership structure be a deterrent, in terms of the cost/benefit ratio: each of the memberships offer significant value at their respective price points, from the entry level Bronze to the highest-level Diamond Lifetime; which membership is “best” really depends upon what kind of guns and activities the shooter likes, and how often they (and their guests) anticipate coming in.  The entry level membership, as a rule, is ideal for pistol or pistol-caliber rifle shooters who can only visit a handful of times per year (or simply want to try things out and see what their interest level is), while those Silver level and above offer significant advantages for those able to visit twice per month or more, or want to shoot a broader array of firearms, since shotgun and rifle caliber usage is permitted from this level upward.  The highest level Lifetime memberships are excellent for the dedicated shooter, and offer expanded access to the facility’s finer points, making their higher cost well worth it in terms of getting the most from a shooting experience.  The fact is, when one breaks down the costs over a year, a membership at Bellevue Gun Club compares very favorably to what the charges at a non-membership range would be, and in fact, can often be a better value, both monetarily and in that all-important quality of experience.  

Highlights of the facility that also deserve mention include an efficient, top OSHA rated air filtration system that pulls fresh air from outside, and pushes lead particulates away from you!  The presence of an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) in the shooting bays on a constant basis ensures a safe, well-run range.  At the same time, we welcome competent shooters doing holster work, or controlled rapid fire sequences, so you never feel limited in terms of being able to practice skills that will keep you sharp or advance you.  Two spacious classrooms, a dedicated cleaning room complete with ultrasonic bins, a mat room for combative training, and a shoot house are among the many additional perks that make our range a great place to spend time.

What’s more, at Bellevue Gun Club, you’ll be able to access a diverse roster of classes and private training options.  This encompasses everything from basic pistol and rifle, through more advanced classes which build upon those skills, unarmed combatives, first aid, and more.  In upcoming blogs, we’ll explore some of the class offerings and why these can all really add to your membership experience here.  


By:  Adam Keith. – RSO and Instructor at Bellevue Gun Club

If you, your family or organization is interested in private or group training please contact us.

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