Training Seminars

The Bellevue Gun Club training team can design specialized training to meet the individual needs of our clients. There is no cookie cutter, unilateral approaches to training here. We train the individual that we are standing in front of. We work with our prospective clients to ensure that the solutions that we provide them are exactly what is needed. In doing so we save the client time and valuable resource. The time and resources that are saved can then be reallocated for future more advanced training or redirected towards the execution of actual real-world application.
The Bellevue Gun Club team delivers dynamic and effective training solutions that span the dimensions of protective services and organizational defense solutions, without compromising an exceptional level of customer service and pricing. We accomplish this by effectively doing what many of our competitors seldom do in the firearms and self-defense industry today; we access and incorporate the needs of the customer into our training methodology to establish a resolution.

Armed Home Defense


Learn how to secure your home, defend your family and navigate the aftermath in this 3-4-hour lecture and scenario-based course. This is not a live-fire course.

Concealed Carry Primer


Seminar that will cover the many concepts related to legally carrying a concealed handgun in public.

Concealed Carry Primer (LADIES ONLY)


Don’t just throw your pistol in your purse, get the big picture when it comes to concealed carry and have fun while you’re doing it! This is seminar based and there is no shooting during this course.

Emergency Bleeding Control with Combat First Aid

This workshop, developed by Combat First Aid, is designed for all skill and fitness levels. Life is dangerous, learn to deal with various medical emergencies as well as traumatic injury.

I-1639 Firearms Safety Training


A course that thoroughly covers everything required by I-1639, designed to be interesting and satisfying for new and experienced shooters alike.

Pepper Spray Seminar

Learn everything you need to know about using pepper spray to defend yourself or loved ones.

Utah/Multi-State Concealed Carry


This course is designed to meet the Utah State requirement for a Utah non-resident concealed carry permit.

Women’s Self Defense Workshop with Raider Tactical

This workshop, developed by Raider Tactical, is designed for all skill and fitness levels. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructors will assist you in learning simple, useful, field tested tactics to increase your personal safety and confidence. You will feel strong and empowered!